“Vision” – It’s Time For You To Choose


By: Qosmic Qadence

Greetings All!

In this post I’d like to speak with you all about vision. There are three definitions that we’ll focus on for reference.

Vision (noun) vi·sion\ˈvi-zhən\
: something that you imagine
: a picture that you see in your mind.
: something that you see or dream especially as part of a religious or supernatural experience.

In light of the above definitions of vision & the image posted, I’d like to speak about the vision of publishing my first book of poetry.

The idea & subsequent dream was born in 2003, though I wouldn’t begin to actively write toward it’s eventual completion until 2007. However, after investing time and energy over and over thru the years into my professional life – not to mention doing all the things that ‘GrownUps’ are supposed to – well, my seemingly not so special side projects were placed on the far back burner.

There’s a huge difference between having a dream and having vision. Everyone dreams, but when you have a vision it compels you to take actions beneficial to the acquisition of the dream.

You see, there’s something altogether life altering about vision. When you really see it, that stuff gets down into your bone marrow and won’t let you rest for a second, until you’ve exhausted all possibilities for achievement. You’re better off never having vision to begin with! Ha!

Life showed me that it was time to start living and making a difference broad scale, as I’d always hoped to be able to. After severing professional ties with a company that had all but enslaved my time and energy 5 years too long, I was reminded of my publishing vision.

To make a long story short, I dove in with both shoes tied tight & within 60 days of walking away, I’d published my first book of poetry, “Love vs. The World”.

I’ve sold many copies of this particular book & it always floors me when someone makes a purchase (now of that or any of my 4 published books). To think, I spent an incalculable amount of time planning, designing, creating, writing for & envisioning the finished product of my words in book form to share with others. And, lo and behold people think & find it necessary to purchase “My Vision” now that I’ve activated it. It’s An Electrifying Experience! I assure you.

I launched this book without a huge PR or marketing campaign, nor celeb fanfare or assistance, begging support from their shady followers on my behalf. “Noooo, I wasn’t ready” (in my Kevin Hart voice. Ha!) I did so instead, fueled by this vision & a dream that wouldn’t let me sleep, without nagging nightmarishly. Once the vision has been written into your psyche & down on paper, the execution requires the hardest work of your life! The first & most critical step being, taking an actual first step toward achievement.

Today I love knowing what it means to fulfill a dream & to have that dream give birth to a plethora of others. I cringe imagining a life where some mundane routine becomes the vital blood filling your veins, and the very air that you breathe.

“No One Said Life Would Be Easy” they say from time to time. Well, Fuck You! “Who Ever Said Life Would Be Hard?” I’ve never actually heard anyone utter the former as a precaution to taking huge risks or being met with adversity. It’s more or less an acknowledgment thrown around after disappointment rears its ugly head. Almost as if people are preprogrammed for failure.

Damn That! I say, “Life Can Be Easy!” Life can be easy, the moment you decide to start living outside of your shitty little comfort zone – which has held you hostage far too long.

Life can be easy the instant you decide that the quality of life for everyone around you needs to change for the better & then you start working in your own special way to fulfill that promise.

Life can be easy when you stop lying to yourself about what’s possible and what’s impossible. Stop being afraid to fail publicly, meanwhile you’re failing miserably in what you perceive to be private.

There comes a time when one must either go for the gusto, or stand aside while the actual dreamers with vision emerge.

“I’m sorry, but it’s time for you to choose!”

Best Wishes!
Qosmic Qadence


*Author of a Self-Help Relationship book entitled, “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up”, he is avidly outspoken about Male/Female relationships & the missing dynamic that leads most to failure these days. He has also published 2 books of poetry “Love vs. The World” & “Love Letters”, as well as a book of inspirational content entitled, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”. Visit his website listed above to explore his work & this movement further.


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  1. Hi there, I don’t have cable or Netflix, I need to update my DVD collection because the five I have in rotation wasn’t keeping my attention. Lo and behold, I found myself perusing your website. (initiated from IG) I must say, your blog content has captured my attention, I’ve been reading for over an hour! Thank you, nice quality stuff here.

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