The Creative Writing & Youth Empowerment Workshop


 ‘Qosmicademy’The Creative Writing & Youth Empowerment Workshop, is intended to enrich participants with discussions; dialogue and exercises that initiate creative flow & progressive thought.

This workshop consists of powerful sessions designed to compel participants to reach within themselves a bit deeper, with the intent to surface wells of creative thought & prowess previously undiscovered. This of course, while fostering a keen awareness of the many sources of inspiration scattered about &/or creatively conjured. Using those to benefit future creative process is the aim of this workshop series.

The workshops are given in a host of different formats, where participants are encouraged to think beyond the box of closed mindedness – further exploring the depths of life through active observation – later transferring perception to paper.

Past and Present participants rave about the motivation & sense of empowerment discovered, as a result of attending. Hear from a few of them for yourself:

“You actually listened to us. You showed us that kids do have a voice. We can do anything.” – Kyndal 7th Grade – “Rogers Ranch Elementary”

“Out of all my life, 13 years, I’ve never been truly inspired … when I was younger to now. You inspired me so much and you need to know this. Thank You Mr. Q” – Briana 8th Grade – “Rogers Ranch Elementary”

Can creative writing help you accomplish goals in life? Yes, because that helps you to share dreams with other people and then you become what you want.” – Irvin L. 7th Grade – “Balsz Elementary School”

Can creative writing help you accomplish goals in life? Yes, because there’s no limit to being creative and there’s no right or wrong in being creative.” – Baray S. 7th Grade – “Balsz Elementary School”

Educators happily report a positive change in students’ attitudes; increases in class participation levels (especially the young men); behavioral shifts; as well as more intense focus from their students.

“Students have become more engaged since your visit. Some choose to memorize your poems & even copy your mannerisms such as body movements, posture, smile & inflection. You’ve started something worth repeating as often as possible. Thanks for helping me inspire them to use writing as a healthy outlet for their feelings, thoughts & emotions.” – Rhonesha Blache – “Rogers Ranch Elementary School” Laveen, AZ

“I’ve had a lot of visitors to the classroom the last couple years, and I do have to say your presentation was very well communicated to the students.  Additionally, the way you tailored the presentation for the three classes was superb.  Ever thought about teaching English? “– Tom Sejen – “Balsz Elementary School” Phoenix, AZ


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Here’s looking forward to the near future cultivation of creative genius, with you & your students respectfully.


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