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  1. I’m so thankful for the day that I got introduced to your wonderful work on Instagram! And then I found about the books which I completely fell in love with… Each sentence speaks to my heart and mind and elevates my soul. I’ve read “I dreamed you beautiful’ and ‘The book of Qs” but look forward to reading everything that you have gifted this world with. I like the way you interact with your readers and your wonderful ways of using sometimes just a single beautifully written phrase that is so thought – provoking. I’d also like to mention that I have the ADHD so generally not a lot of stuff actually keeps my attention but your books I can read over and over in just a day. I…am… hooked.

  2. I love RiDickULust.. My fav breakfast,Welcumm home I couldn’t screen shot that on my IG..LOL.. But my next book to get is YGTGFU!!! Keep up the good work…Luv ya Q.Q and Thankx!!!

  3. Such a fan of all of your books. RiDickULust is definitely a must read as well as all of your other material. I enjoyed each short story and poem. So now a full Erotica book must be in the making 🙂 you would definitely please all of your readers even more with that one. Wishing you the best of luck on all of your upcoming projects.

  4. Ridickulust was a very enjoyable and easy read! Don’t read it at work though lol! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to reading your other works.

  5. Ridickulust Is a must read. It has great poems and short stories. I have my favorites, Welcumm Home, Breakfast and Iced tea. Thank you Mr.Muwie Lipford-Qawwee Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  6. So I finished reading Ya’ll Got The Game F#@&*d Up and I love the tone of the book and that you addressed both men and women. It’s so true that dating is not that hard, we are the ones who complicate it due to not understanding who we are, what we want, where we are going, etc. I love that you have a worksheet at the end of each chapter because it subconsciously prompts the reader to write their thoughts down and really reflect (maybe a lost art in today’s world of fast movements). I did wish that you wrote more – I wanted to keep reading, but that’s what good Authors do, right?

  7. I’ve finally been able to finish YGTGFU and my mind is blown. It was amazing and very helpful. I was able to examine myself as I read and answered questions. I will apply many things that I have read to my current relationship. I encourage everyone( including my boyfriend) to read!!

  8. I received my copy of “Love Letters” and this is book is definitely a keeper! It’s a great book for anyone who wants to fall in love with love over and over again. I really tried to find a favorite but so far they are all my favorite! It’s really refreshing to read such beautiful words and it’s hard to describe in words how the book will make you feel. I definitely need to explore the other books as well. Keep doing what you were born to do…inspire the world through beautiful words! 💖

  9. I am thoroughly enjoying the books written by Qosmic Qadence! I love the fact that I can pretty much choose a random page or chapter from any book and still get inspired as well as learn a lesson or two from what I read. I highly recommend all of the books written thus far – I have both downloaded copies as well as hard copies and I am looking forward to adding more of his work to my growing collection 😄

  10. I developed a fascination with Qūe’s love affair with words late in 2013 and have spent a significant amount of time reading his poetry ever since. The way he uses language to express things that are meaningful to him and to connect with a vast audience of readers is impressive to say the least. With an impeccable level of maturity and clarity, Qūe has the ability to perceive and interpret the world in a variety of ways and bring those interpretations to readers, striking a chord with people from all walks of life. I always get something valuable from his poems, and his book Love vs. The World has many gems in it that are sure to hit home and at least stir some refreshed view of just about any subject from love and intimacy to inner peace and spirituality…and much more.

    While his poetry is sure to quickly and efficiently satisfy those with an appreciation for expansive and intelligent vocabulary, Qūe’s book “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up – Relationship 101: Preparation” reads more like a conversation with a good friend who is urgently concerned about the “fu#%ed” up state of love in today’s age. He has put together a very insightful and intuitive piece that should change the way that people love each other and themselves. It’s well worth reading, especially if you plan to build a relationship instead of simply being in one. Now that I’ve read his perspective, I have a renewed desire for a healthy, deeply connected companionship.

    I’m enjoying reading Qūe’s work and look forward to reading everything else he has in store for the world, praying continually that God blesses him in his endeavors to revive humanity one word at a time.


  11. I enjoy reading your material. Love vs. The World I keep it on hand because I have so many favorites I like to go back and re-read. Please continue to share your work with the world. I believe you are helping so many people whether they tell you or not. I know that I can’t wait to start applying new things into my life. The relationship book was EXCELLENT I thoroughly enjoyed doing the Q&A sections. You have an amazing and creative writing style that can’t be denied. I’m excited for all of your future projects and can’t wait to read your new material and provide my continued support.

  12. I didn’t actually purchase a book, because I downloaded the relationship book for free and it spoke to my life directly. There are a bunch of things that need to change in me, definitely preparing now! I highly recommend people to download it if it’s still available for free & even if it’s not buy it! Definitely worth it. I just ordered a signed copy! Great Book Qosmic Q, I look forward to your other work!

    • I really do not ever read but since I’ve seen your work on instagram i have been very intrigued and find myself waiting for your next post. I just read RiDickULust and I love it. I will definitely continue to order your books and refer as many friends as possible .

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