“How Many More Must Die, Before Justice We Decry?”


By: Qosmic Qadence

Are all law enforcement officials evil? Absolutely NOT! Are black people or ANY people deserving of the target practice that is ensuing on American City streets, by these rogue officers? HELL NO!

This is TRULY not a color issue, despite black people being (per usual) disproportionately affected by this ridiculous and reckless disregard for human life. But, this boils down to being a BAD PEOPLE issue. The problem is that we have far too many BAD people, occupying critically important high ranking positions of authority. Systems for training these officers to better handle and gauge (as well as to prevent or defuse) hostile situations is entirely NECESSARY!

Not only is it long overdue, but there needs to be some cohesion between U.S. Cities & States, to assure that the same EFFECTIVE systems are established and maintained concurrently. There also needs to be a more serious effort toward evaluating these officers mentally and psychologically, at varying intervals of time throughout the year, as they do their jobs. They need to be head checked as a result of that stressful job, not to mention their life issues that more than likely effects job performance.

The aforementioned (just to name a few) systems for training and mental evaluation are necessary because without even being an officer, we can all attest to how stressful the job appears as we’ve observed officers engage in the acts of actually serving and protecting within our communities. I’ve worked high pressure positions over the years that shot stress levels to their peaks. As a result, this oftentimes led to me being a complete asshole to my staff. God forbid I had a firearm to wield and/or potentially discharge. Who knows what would’ve happened in those offices?

Police Officers are sworn in to Serve; Protect; Enforce Laws; & make Arrests. Not to repeatedly assassinate the citizens. I have an enormous amount of respect for Proper Authority & most certainly appreciate the officers who risk life in limb in the face of indignation, to do their jobs. Kudos to each of you who know in your heart of hearts, whether you can be categorized herein. I likewise have a gut turning, soul burning disdain for Murders & Gangsters wearing Police costumes. Last I checked, that pagan Halloween event takes place once annually. So, it’s high time we expose the frauds, and find out what their true uniforms are. Beyond that, it’s time to put these criminals and perpetrators of organized crime against humanity, in the very Prisons the government has invested Billions of dollars into building to isolate such people from society.

Each of us can observe the actions of Law Enforcement Officials when we witness them treating a citizen unjustly. Each of us can file a report or raise a legitimate complaint in this regard. These things are very EASY for us to do. But to repeatedly turn a blind eye to these heinous atrocities of the vile human condition, is unconscionable at this point! And frankly, we should all be ashamed of ourselves! Though, shamed into correcting the ship, as no one is going to do this for us. We MUST initiate change ourselves!

We’ll Either Stand For Something,
Or Die For Nothing!


“Hey You! Yeah … You!”


By: Qosmic Qadence

I’ve managed to evade the “Holy Shit! I’m getting old!” plague which can be a terror.

The closer I get to forty I’m thinking, “Wow! I’m about to enter the realm of the mature. I mean, if you guys are young? Meh … been there done that shit. Good Luck! Ha!

No seriously, live & learn. It’s fun to grow up. But know that there’s no standard of preparedness that everyone should aspire to rise to – you must create it.

Preparations should hinge on the tangible and intangible, not just high expectations and even higher hopes.

Word of advice, “Put away as much money as you can now. It’s the best time to do so, even though you think you don’t have much.

That way, as you grow and mature – so does the accumulation of tangible wealth, to be converted into assets later.” It’s not JUST about money, it’s what you could DO with the money to be a blessing to others.

So again, do your future self the favor of setting them up to be sensational. There could be no greater act of self-love.

Best Wishes!

*Author of, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”, he is avidly outspoken about the simplicity of life and how a more practical approach can yield benefits immeasurable. Visit his website to explore his work & this movement further.

“Pray, Plan, Execute”

By: Qosmic Qadence

Always remember that the flow of positive energy in your life starts with your willingness to let go of the negative (worry, stress, fear, anxiety, unbelief etc) in order to fully embrace the positive possibilities bundled into change.

God needs our help! It’s not solely up to him to change our situation, while tailoring it to our liking. Don’t reduce the effectual working power of the supreme being to that of a magician.

God is more of a guide through the darkness of tough times, or a Big Brother (so to speak) who steps in when he notices us struggling to carry a heavy load. We actually have to be CARRYING a burdensome load of some sort.

Think about what you want, pray about it, and then start devising a plan for achievement. Don’t think this method to be crazy, although I’ll be the first to admit that it is entirely unconventional. Trust me, it’ll work like a charm.

People seem to be conditioned – for whatever reason – to pray & then wait for their miracles. (Again, reducing God to the role of a magician in their lives.) Meanwhile, those who pray & work are rewarded.

Prayer is a form of meditation, a deep reflection on what is desired. If you’ve ever felt peace after saying a prayer, that’s a sure sign of having made a deep connection with the foundation of your being.

Often within that state of peacefulness, you’ll recognize how freely ideas, concepts, answers to questions pondered for a while etc, will free flow.

There’s power in centering yourself, slowing down your mind, thoughts and body that a peaceful connection & conversation within can transpire.

Pray, Plan & Execute! If your path in life is ever to change, you’ll actually have to be ON A PATH in order to notice the difference.

Best Wishes

*Author of, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”, he is avidly outspoken about the simplicity of life and how a more practical approach can yield benefits immeasurable. Visit his website listed above to explore his work & this movement further.

“What Goes Around, Comes Around”

By: Qosmic Qadence

Imagine if never speaking to someone in the tone that you didn’t want to be spoken to in, was enough to prevent occurrence?

Suppose changing your view of the world REALLY allowed you to see the world differently, thus expanding both your Vision and Reality?

“What Goes Around, Comes Around”
This is an irrefutable truth, most often misused by the untrained mouth – of an untrained mind. Those who interpret this beautiful yet simple principle of “Karma” negatively – almost each and every time – not understanding the universal principle of reciprocation.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

Whatever you put into the universe comes back to you. Including the good stuff. If you want help, help someone. You’ll gain an instant cheerleader who’ll fight an entire battle side by side with you, out of appreciation to your indomitable will.

If you want the world to change, change your perception of the world. Think beyond what you see daily and live just as you’d like. At the end of the day, what some of us consider ingenious, others dislike.

Best Wishes

*Author of, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”, he is avidly outspoken about the simplicity of life and how a more practical approach can yield benefits immeasurable. Visit his website listed above to explore his work & this movement further.

“Checked Mate” (Warning: Erotica! Mature Content; Parental Discretion Advised)

By: Qosmic Qadence

Ordinarily hearing the order spoken would bring delight. Especially crossing the threshold of seductively full lips, always seemingly soaked and wet from the contents of some slender tube. A voice cotton soft with a fiery undertone, that which confirms her words are to be taken seriously. Generally twice a year this routine is followed thru, each time more uncomfortable than the last for some reason.

“Take off your clothes, put on the gown and have a seat. I’ll be with you shortly”, spills from her mouth in a southern drawl. Obliging the command, clothes are removed and the gown exposing my backside is slipped into. I sit atop the checkup table covered in that annoying crumpling paper, and in that instant realize how frigid the room temperature is.

Whenever in the doctor’s office I find myself reminiscing about childhood visits, staring at those anatomy pictures and charts that line the walls & nervously twiddling my thumbs. It had been well over a year since my last check up, due to neglect and a busy work load. At 33, the picture of health, I didn’t think it necessary to visit semi-annually, it was just something I had gotten use to doing. Mom was really big on making sure that we took care of ourselves growing up, so it carried over into adulthood, until recently at least.

In preparation for a trip to Miami a few weeks away, I’d sustained a groin strain or something or another which brought about slight discomfort. Chalk it up to those drastic attempts to be sexy for the beach.

This was the true reason for today’s visit, needed to get back into the gym free of irritation in the slightest. Surely Dr. Kirksey would advise on the necessary steps to remedy the discomfort.

Entering the room with chart in hand scribbling thereon, she walks over to a nearby counter, back facing me. Dr. Kirksey was very pretty, bright white teeth, medium build, about 5’9″, shoulder length hair and mocha chocolate skin. Her hair was pinned up in a style I’d never seen before, leaving a hint of a tatoo showing on the back of her neck. “She gotta wild side? Go ‘head Dr.K! Wit’cho snooty ass.”, I thought to myself and couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

Hearing my amusement she turned to look and offered, “Sorry! Give me just a moment”, to which I replied, “Take your time, I’m off today!”. Turning back to her paperwork I notice the back of her white coat poking out a bit. I began to visually size her up, as never before had the occasion been found. She was naked in what seemed to be a blink, ass cheeks jiggling slightly with each stroke of her pen and page turned. Losing out to fantasy in this mental mind play, I was erect in no time.

It frightened me so I tried frantically to calm myself down, before she unsuspectingly turned to notice the tent pitched with gown and pole. By the time she turns, a sigh of relief is breathed as the swelling has moreorless subsided from visible embarrassment. Closed mouth grins are exchanged and professionally the doctor/patient song and dance ensues.

Vital signs having been taken and blood pressure checked, I sit upright holding a thermometer under my tongue as deep breaths are breathed – stethoscope on varying spots of chest & back.

Asked to lie back she begins probing in the abdominal region and the mere feel of fingertips causes my penis to throb and twitch. The additional ab exercises would serve me well; as I clinched assuring she’d feel the ripples. “Try to relax for me”, she says with a tone that didn’t convey the least bit of amusement. Closing my eyes, the power of self control is willed from mind over matter, intent to keep from being aroused. “Does it hurt here? What about here? Or here?”, answered with resounding, “No’s”.

Opening my eyes I could see a hint of cleavage from the low lying neck line of her scrubs. Inhaling deeply, eyes are returned to closed position – this wasn’t good! “What in the hell is wrong with me today?”, thought as lips are licked and mind is settled. “Sit up for me please?”, shatters the silence & upright in posture I return. “Is there anything I should know about?”, Dr. Kirksey asks looking directly into my eyes expressionless. Unsure of what to say as obviously my mind was full of sinful lust, I open my mouth but nothing comes out. Gesturing through circular motions with her hands the phrase, “Spill it!”, follows.

Finally managing to mention the groin discomfort, I stand in front of the table to be examined. “Raise the gown and show me exactly where the discomfort is felt”, she orders, while lowering herself onto a stool. I swallow hard and oblige, raising the curtain on a penis in bloom, despite desires of prevention. Pointing to the area in question, less than inches away from dick and ball sack, she reaches out to examine by touch.

Self-control out of the window, flag pole begins to raise and instantly apologies drip from my mouth. “Happens all the time, just relax”, she offers, continuing clinical evaluation. The reality of a woman that close to my semi-erect penis was alluring to say the least. Unable to stop, it grows hard enough to split open, every stitch of skin painfully tightened. Eyes averted upward with an astonishing glare, she pushes her stool back, stands and heads for the door.

She pulls the door open slightly and looks out, closes it back while standing to face it for a few moments. Alas, door locked she turns around, letting down her hair and removing coat from slender shoulders. Taking the stethoscope from her neck, she starts back toward me where not a solitary muscle has been moved. Her eyes affixed to my throbbing rock hardness – biting of her bottom lip becomes almost like silent confirmation of my longing desire. She reaches out, clutching a fist full of my gown & seamlessly removes it. “Ah! So this is why these things tie in the back” I utter with a sinister grin.

Sitting her firm scrub covered ass back onto the stool, reaching out with strokes and a grin, she inserts the head into her hot mouth. That entry was heated beyond 98 degrees, and the moisture accompanying access was both soothing and lava like. Complimentary strokes and suction inviting, my dick melted within her mouth like helpless chocolate in the summer heat. Carrying on like a candy starved youth, hands and mouth were filled with my savory treat. Reaching down into the neckline of her scrub top, pillowy soft breasts were caressed. Pleasantly surprised, she wasn’t wearing a bra, thus unimpeded her melons were fondled as the head game she played so well continued.

Standing up to meet me, our eyes lock and lips follow. Tongue twirls and saliva swapping, this kiss was immensely passionate. Lifting her top off, I start in on her perky chocolate breasts. She moaned while rubbing the back of my neck & head, that spot famous for driving me over the edge, as licking & massaging of her breasts went on non-stop.

Pushing the stool between my legs, I slowly lower myself down to sit – along the way performing tongue tricks on her upper to middle region. By the time I’m seated my hands are caressing her ass, eyes leveled with her wet pussy, now visibly leaking moisture through her scrub bottoms. My mouth waters as deep breaths of her essence fill my nostrils. Smelling good enough to eat, her bottoms are removed and finally her treasure is revealed.

Parting her lips with both fingers, the pearl winks and my tongue greets it with flickers and soft long licks. Two hands latched onto my head she pulls me face first into her grinding hips with twin gyrations mirror matching tongue thrills. My hands full of sex cushion, her ass cheeks are parted and asshole is teasingly toyed with. Responding in kind, her pussy begins to gush with moisture and she groans in approval – body tremors underway. Her pussy I continually lap away at until she pulls back.

Lowering herself onto my lap, bodies separated by a rock hard penis and her mountains of sex appeal, she licks from my face the residue of lust deposited. Entirely turned on I groan, “I’m boutta fuck the shit out’chu Doc!”. She giggles playfully grabbing the back of my neck and whispers, “Shhhhh…”, before planting her supple lips back onto mine. Simultaneously her pelvis is raised and she slides down onto my pole like a skilled fire fighter on call.

Her pussy even warmer than her mouth, sends shock waves of passion through body, mind & soul. We lock eyes as she glides efficiently up, down, up, down, up, down … pausing momentarily to kiss me deeply before resuming. I cradle her ass in my hands from underneath, legs rested securely on my forearms controlling the flow of penis to vagina insertion. Dripping wet, her juices springing from abysmal depths, pour profusely down upon me.

Rising from this position and turning to show off her firm ass, she slaps the right cheek, and bends over exposing that pink core of ecstasy. Tonguing her cheeks precisely, rubbing them along the way, they’re parted and her pussy is eaten greedily from behind. We’re in a semi-standing 69, as she dines on my pole & I on her tasty twat.

With both hands, her cheeks are slapped and she takes this as a signal to be seated. On the throne of my swollen manhood she takes her rightful place. Royal each stroke, her hands on my knees, back arched her hungry snatch swallows with precision. I watch mesmerized by the way her smooth cheeks open on each down stroke to welcome my penis deep within her wanting pocket of lust.

Snatching out completely, leaning forward with an altogether differing arch, she falls back onto the dick taking it into her anus. My eyes widen from excitement as her muscles therein firmly grip every inch of my hardness, massaging, gripping and releasing it with fervor.

I have to admit that I wasn’t anticipating anal sex, it was mind blowing to witness and feel. I began to meet her glides down stroke with approving upward thrusts. Before I knew it, we had worked ourselves into a pounding rhythm yielding sensations overwhelming.

Left hand full of left tit & right hand around her waist for control, our lustful encounter was in high gear. Standing up the desire is to punish that sweet ass from behind, so the stool is slid into position for balance. With both hands securely in place, the grind and slide resumes.

My hand in the small of her back, blow after blow is methodically delivered … balls deep, crashing against the core of her flesh. Both hands around her waist, ass cheeks are watched jiggle and clap whether moving back or forward.

With cumm rising fast, the anticipation of release gives me chills and I begin to shake uncontrollably. I explode into her bowels with an aftershock that would shake the entire west coast – immeasurable by richter scale or human thought. Tears stream from my eyes, in a release so perfect, that I swear the harps are playing and angels sing.

Door knob shaking, keys jingling – the door slowly begins to open. Sweaty & spent we haven’t the energy left to cover ourselves.

Checked up and checking out …

Qosmic Qadence © 2014

“Iced Tea” (WARNING: Erotica! Mature Content; Parental Discretion Advised)

By: Qosmic Qadence

Entirely too hot to move!!! Breathing seems to cause me to sweat more! 96 degrees at 10am, and temps are rising steadily, triple digits on their way without question. Just my luck to have a busted central air unit at the peak of summer.

Laying on the bed in boxers with the ceiling fan overhead circulating the devils breath perpetually, I’m mad that I’m hot and hot because I’m mad! This is slow torture as sweat is no longer beading, instead just streaming from my pours … my body is literally crying for conditioned air.

‘Quicks AC & Heating Repair’ has been sending a technician my way for 2 days now, according to the dispatcher. They will never have to worry about a shining endorsement from my mouth. This ‘Heat Wave’ has all but shut down most non-critical activity in and around the city. Heat Advisory warnings and rising temps have gotten our attention the last few weeks.

I needed to run some errands & tie up some loose ends here and there today, but fuck it! Wait! Frustration is making me sweat … *thinking* “I’m an Eskimo! I’m an Eskimo!”. Not working, hell, “I’m a polar bear?” Dammit, it’s HOT! “I’m in HELL!”, I blurt out!

My tantrum is interrupted by a knock at the door. I rise from the bed saturated with perspiration. This has to be the repair man, it had better be the repair man! Tossing on a pair of basketball shorts, I consider putting on a shirt, but decide against it & head for the door. Sweat is running a marathon down my body.

My wish had been granted, help had finally arrived! To my surprise it wasn’t a repair man, but a Repair Woman standing at the door instead, tool box in hand. “Mr. Simms? Quicks AC sent me over.” I stood there for a second taking in this peculiar attraction. “Oh! Come on in”, I stammer finally. At once showing her to the basement & the AC Unit out back.

Having gawked enough, I figure it a good idea to go up & shower in cold water for the 2nd time today. Who am I kidding? I figured I might have a shot at getting lucky and didn’t want to be salty or musky smelling. Presumptuous as can be, I proceed to shower, get out and dress in another pair of shorts – sans boxers this time – and a wife beater.

Before heading down to the basement, I’m struck by a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t it be an awesome gesture of kindness to take her a refreshing glass of iced tea? I’ll add plenty of ice cubes too, not to water it down, but to leave reason to have to refill it often. Game on!!!

Hook line and sinker, she accepts the beverage and it’s replenished a number of times. Small talk is engaged in and we speak about nothing in particular, though the charm is turned up full blast. I’m informed that wires within the closet must’ve been gnawed on by some sort of critter & await patiently as they’re repaired.

I’m seated in a chair directly across from the closet door admiring the view. From the waistline of her pants, a pair of red thong panties are displayed. Plumber butt never looked more appealing I think & then chuckle somewhat loudly. She remarks, “Staring at my ass, huh?”. To which I reply, “With both eyes, haven’t blinked once! I swear!”. “Figured as much. Typical!”, her retort. We both laugh and she begins to wiggle it a bit and says, “May as well make it worth your while, huh?”. Licking my lips and mesmerized, her ass is eyed like a hawk.

Alas the sound I’d been waiting to hear fills the room – the air comes on! Darting to the overhead vent in the nearest corner I let out a sinister laugh, “Hahaha, I’ve missed you so much sweetness! Thanks for returning to me!”. Faintly her voice is heard in the background, though specific words spoken cannot be recalled.

Excitedly I turn, rush over & in celebration lift her up off of the floor in a cheerful embrace. She never utters a word, her arms wrapped around my neck, mine around her slim waist. Her feet dangling from the floor are lowered after a few seconds and we stand in silence, her hand on my chest, the other grappling the drawstrings of the shorts worn.

Stiffness is beginning as her body is pulled closer to mine than flesh. At first the scent of this rose I inhale deep into my nostrils, until the desire to taste her sweat is given into. She let’s out the softest moan & begins to pelvic grind, all the while running her fingertips and nails through the back of my hair.

Her lips supple are glared upon before my head is lowered and ours meet. In no time our tongues begin a dance familiar, though experience one with the other was brand new. They seemed to blend and glide one over the other with precision of skilled ballroom dancers. Diving back in, the sweat from her neck is devoured, a taste refreshing.

We make our way over to the sectional couch, clothes falling like leaves along the way. She sits down, eye level with my hardened member, strokes it a few times & inserts the tip into her mouth. Tongue twirls round and round, suction and this sloppy sound – as though a thirsty animal was drinking water – accompanied feverish strokes of my dick. Deep into her throat and then spanked on her tongue & lips, she was serious about giving pleasure.

Pulled up by her arms into standing position – her red thong is lowered to the floor, as she steps out of them right leg after left. Delivering a passionate kiss, she’s then pushed back down onto the couch. I grab her with both hands behind the knees just above the calves & pull her closer. “My turn!”, I exclaim.

Before eating her out, my desire is to look at the ‘Treasure Chest’ and the pearl contained therein. She begins caressing her breasts sensually, as I expose that dripping wetness to the air. Massaging her clit with my thumb, she moans and squirms while caressing & pulling her nipples.

Licks are delivered to her inner thigh on both sides, close enough to her box to smell the essence, though tongue pleasure’s withheld. “Why are you teasing me?”, she questions through a moan. Chuckling I respond, “Patience luv, I got’chu!”.

From her knee down, tongue strokes are delivered and finally that soaking wet pussy is tasted. I don’t part her lips with my fingers, instead I enjoy finding that pearl with my tongue. Inserting one finger and then two, exploring that pussy like Columbus I probe upon territory chartered before, though claim it as my own. ‘Cummerica!’ Like vicegrips her pussy clinches tightly the two probing fingers, and her clit is continually teased with flicker after flicker of my tongue.

A stroke of genius washes over me, as I recall the full glass of ice which contained her iced tea. Returning with the glass, I take a full cube into my mouth, bite it in half transfering it to hers with a kiss. I crush 3 cubes of ice in my mouth, making it as cold as possible. Taking another full cube into my mouth, I began to eat her pussy. “Oh my God!”, she cries out! Her naural reaction is to squirm & withdraw. If possible to exit through the back of the couch, she would’ve done just that.

The melting piece of ice is placed directly on her clit and she nearly rips my ears from my head. I continue to finger her pulsating hole and alternate tongue pleasure and soft suction. The cube almost half melted by this time is slipped into her pussy with my tongue. She cries out, “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!”.

Repeating the process of ice in mouth, her legs are pushed back as far as I can get them. This time her pussy is eaten and salad tossed equally, ice insertion reserved for her asshole. “You nasty muthafucker! Damn!!!”, she says through near convulsive shakes of her body. She begins to cumm in explosive waves, letting out the loudest moans & screaches ever heard.

Standing up and letting loose cocky laughter, I marvel as she lays there on the couch recovering from orgasmic bliss. When her bearings are straight she stands and pushes me back onto the couch remarking, “The same things that make you laugh, will make you cry!”. Lowering herself onto my dick she begins a graceful glide up and down, round and round. Her hole gushes with wetness that makes my pole slide in & out effortlessly. Looking into my eyes a smirk grows across her face and she belts, “I’mma make you cumm all over the place!”. My eyes are closed and I allow her to ride me to ecstasy.

Placing her feet into standing position on the couch cushions, hands gripping the back of the couch on both sides of my head, she throws her pussy down swallowing my manhood with great force. Stroke after punishing stroke we moan and groan together, sweat pouring from our bodies like tears from heaven. My ab muscles clinch tightly, my balls stiffen, ears warm & through trembling I explode as though a geyser! Like a jockey she rides this stallion to the finish – standing above me she had the last laugh.

“That’ll be $298.57 Mr. Simms”, she says. “For the fuck or the repair?”, I question playfully. “But of course the repair! The fuck was Free, and by the way, thanks for the Iced Tea!”.

The End …

Muwie Lipford-Qawwee © 2014

“Mr. & Mrs. All Wrong For One Another”


By: Qosmic Qadence

I’m thoroughly convinced that most women spend a good portion of their young lives sifting through all of the Mr. Wrong’s that come along. While sifting some even get trapped or trap themselves with children, joint property ownership, marriage etc. Given the joint responsibilities to assets or human lives, it becomes a nightmarish uphill battle reestablishing independence, or in the least freedom from that situation.

Complicating matters here is that most men take a little longer to mature mentally and emotionally. It’s an irrefutable truth that by nature men Hunt & women Nest. While being labeled Mr. Wrong, they’re actually more accurately Mr. NotRightNow (a.k.a. Mr. WannaHaveFun; b.k.a. Mr. OnTheProwl).

By the time they’ve exhausted their immature phase of fun and games, and are ready to settle down, MOST women have grown tired of what they rightfully perceive to be “The Game”.

At this point one of two things happens:

• #1 – Women themselves begin playing “The Game”, and end up screwing over a good man. All the while paying back men for all of the heart & headaches endured through previous encounters. That is, whether they’re the direct cause or not.

– OR –

• #2 – Women become game conscious and men who’ve thought themselves to be done with “The Game”, instead find themselves & their every move under heavy scrutiny. Mind you, they could be noble in their intentions and honestly not messing around on the side; nor possess a desire to. But, both the positive and negative spin on this situation, are more often than not based on previous experience with that particular type of man or others.

Ladies & Gents, be very careful. The worst thing you can do is allow the ugliness of experience to darken your heart & taint your mentality. It’s also terrible to have a mate feel like, “What the hell! If I’m going to be accused of messing around, I might as well make it count.” It’s not always what you say to a person, but sometimes your accusatory reactions can be equally as off putting or damaging.

Surely there are real life instances where both of the gender ascribed traits within this writing, are applicable to both sexes and can be reversed. So, in the general sense my advice is this, “Be clear with those with whom you encounter about your aim, mission, or desires.”

I’ll forever contend that 9 times out of 10, a woman wants the same thing(s) that a man does – and vice versa. If we’d ALL grow up and be more honest with one another about what we truly desire, a world of opportunity would present itself for the taking.

Side with honesty or keep playing “The Game” with ‘Mr. & Mrs. Wrong’.
The choice is yours.

Best Wishes
Qosmic Qadence


*Author of a Self-Help Relationship book entitled, “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up”, he is avidly outspoken about Male/Female relationships & the missing dynamic that leads most to failure these days. He has also published 2 books of poetry “Love vs. The World” & “Love Letters”, as well as a book of inspirational content entitled, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”. Visit his website listed above to explore his work & this movement further.

“Vision” – It’s Time For You To Choose


By: Qosmic Qadence

Greetings All!

In this post I’d like to speak with you all about vision. There are three definitions that we’ll focus on for reference.

Vision (noun) vi·sion\ˈvi-zhən\
: something that you imagine
: a picture that you see in your mind.
: something that you see or dream especially as part of a religious or supernatural experience.

In light of the above definitions of vision & the image posted, I’d like to speak about the vision of publishing my first book of poetry.

The idea & subsequent dream was born in 2003, though I wouldn’t begin to actively write toward it’s eventual completion until 2007. However, after investing time and energy over and over thru the years into my professional life – not to mention doing all the things that ‘GrownUps’ are supposed to – well, my seemingly not so special side projects were placed on the far back burner.

There’s a huge difference between having a dream and having vision. Everyone dreams, but when you have a vision it compels you to take actions beneficial to the acquisition of the dream.

You see, there’s something altogether life altering about vision. When you really see it, that stuff gets down into your bone marrow and won’t let you rest for a second, until you’ve exhausted all possibilities for achievement. You’re better off never having vision to begin with! Ha!

Life showed me that it was time to start living and making a difference broad scale, as I’d always hoped to be able to. After severing professional ties with a company that had all but enslaved my time and energy 5 years too long, I was reminded of my publishing vision.

To make a long story short, I dove in with both shoes tied tight & within 60 days of walking away, I’d published my first book of poetry, “Love vs. The World”.

I’ve sold many copies of this particular book & it always floors me when someone makes a purchase (now of that or any of my 4 published books). To think, I spent an incalculable amount of time planning, designing, creating, writing for & envisioning the finished product of my words in book form to share with others. And, lo and behold people think & find it necessary to purchase “My Vision” now that I’ve activated it. It’s An Electrifying Experience! I assure you.

I launched this book without a huge PR or marketing campaign, nor celeb fanfare or assistance, begging support from their shady followers on my behalf. “Noooo, I wasn’t ready” (in my Kevin Hart voice. Ha!) I did so instead, fueled by this vision & a dream that wouldn’t let me sleep, without nagging nightmarishly. Once the vision has been written into your psyche & down on paper, the execution requires the hardest work of your life! The first & most critical step being, taking an actual first step toward achievement.

Today I love knowing what it means to fulfill a dream & to have that dream give birth to a plethora of others. I cringe imagining a life where some mundane routine becomes the vital blood filling your veins, and the very air that you breathe.

“No One Said Life Would Be Easy” they say from time to time. Well, Fuck You! “Who Ever Said Life Would Be Hard?” I’ve never actually heard anyone utter the former as a precaution to taking huge risks or being met with adversity. It’s more or less an acknowledgment thrown around after disappointment rears its ugly head. Almost as if people are preprogrammed for failure.

Damn That! I say, “Life Can Be Easy!” Life can be easy, the moment you decide to start living outside of your shitty little comfort zone – which has held you hostage far too long.

Life can be easy the instant you decide that the quality of life for everyone around you needs to change for the better & then you start working in your own special way to fulfill that promise.

Life can be easy when you stop lying to yourself about what’s possible and what’s impossible. Stop being afraid to fail publicly, meanwhile you’re failing miserably in what you perceive to be private.

There comes a time when one must either go for the gusto, or stand aside while the actual dreamers with vision emerge.

“I’m sorry, but it’s time for you to choose!”

Best Wishes!
Qosmic Qadence


*Author of a Self-Help Relationship book entitled, “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up”, he is avidly outspoken about Male/Female relationships & the missing dynamic that leads most to failure these days. He has also published 2 books of poetry “Love vs. The World” & “Love Letters”, as well as a book of inspirational content entitled, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”. Visit his website listed above to explore his work & this movement further.

“Dating 101: Three Tips For Active Daters”


By: Qosmic Qadence

Greetings Prospective Daters!

The following are 3 entirely helpful tips that everyone who’s presently dating or who intends to date, should both know and apply.

•Tip #1: Take The Time To Get To Know Yourself.

Clearly there’s a tremendous benefit in knowing who you are, when approaching any situation. With prior knowledge, this gives you a concrete basis of understanding what’s suitable, tolerable &/or worth your time and energy. Ask yourself a few questions like: “What kind of person am I? What makes me happy? How important is that happiness? Adding another person to my mix benefits that happiness in what way? What would I like to contribute to another persons life? Fun? Education? Growth as a person? Companionship? Friendship? Sex? Marriage? What’s my chief aim for dating at this time?

•Tip #2: Define Those Things That You Desire To Accomplish As A Result Of Dating.

There could be nothing worse than dating without an aim, even if it’s just for fun; companionship; conversation; social interaction; casual sex etc. Having this clearly defined helps ease stress &/or confusion brought about through miscommunication/misunderstanding of the process. You’ll find yourself far more equipped to readily identify situations that aren’t conducive to your directional purpose as outlined. Otherwise you waste time that can never be recouped and incur frustrations that can be easily avoided.

•Tip #3: Define What Dating Is & Isn’t!

How many expect to find success on the dating front without guidelines or structure is laughable. It’s like taking a road trip without clear directions, likewise without map or GPS assistance. Can you say, “Extended Trip”? Ha! Establish the ‘Rules’ here & trust me, it’s okay to do so. What constitutes a date? What’s appropriate date attire? What are appropriate dating venues versus those inappropriate? What’s appropriate dating behavior & conversation? What’s completely off limits? You’re encouraged to dig a bit deeper and ask additional questions more closely suited to your personality & lifestyle makeup. Establishing ‘Rules’ in this regard should make it a lot easier to communicate and plan a date that has an actual chance of succeeding.

These are great places to start! Keep in mind that we all develop and are stretched a tad based on those we date – positively or negatively. Be clear about your desires & allow those to become your road map.

Best Wishes!
Qosmic Qadence

*Author of a Self-Help Relationship book entitled, “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up”, he is avidly outspoken about Male/Female relationships & the missing dynamic that leads most to failure these days. Visit his website listed above to explore this movement further.

“Slow Support Is Actually Good Support?”


By: Qosmic Qadence

Hmmm, interesting concept, no? Well think of it this way, “People who witness your growth first hand, fall into a class of ‘Stone Cold Believers’ in your Mission, Potential and Abilities to Create Results! How so? They’ve Witnessed your strides to turn a mere Dream into a Goal, which is naturally Fueled by a Burning Passion to make a Reality. And those my friends, are among the GREATEST Supporters you’ll ever have!” Be Patient With Them …

When a “Movement” begins those are the people who RUN to your success the Fastest! Their urgency helps generate the momentum necessary to shock and awe others, and further assist in spreading the word of achievement. The majority who are exposed to & who understand the value of your gifts, will marvel at the sheer number of eager supporters all of a sudden, as if to wonder, “Who wouldn’t have gotten on board with this movement from the start? DUH!”

So, give the slow poke supporters a bit of slack, for in the grand scheme of things, they’ll become your Greatest Asset!

Be Incredible!

Qosmic Qadence

*Published Poet & Author of “Love vs. The World” – A Book of Poetry, which sheds poetic light on various aspects of life. As well as a Self-Help Relationship book entitled, “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up” He is avidly outspoken about Male/Female relationships & the missing dynamic that leads most to failure these days. Visit his website listed above to explore this movement.