“The Struggle”

By: Qosmic Qadence
A few days before Turkey Day last year, I LITERALLY woke up. I came into a space of realization, that the meaning of life is to advance civilization. That means, if the Work that we engage in DAILY; where our best energies; innovative ideas; passion & focus are centered, isn’t being used to advance the human race, then we’re merely existing on earth and NOT Living! Moreorless taking up space and stalling until our caskets close.
‘The American Dream’ yields quite the nightmarish fortune. In a day and age where money management is as critical as is ‘time management’, how are so many caught on the gerbil wheel running no where fast? Financial; Mental & Emotional FREEDOM are bound within whatever your Purpose in life is. 

*NEWS FLASH: “You weren’t solely born to work a 9-5; nor to Slave 40+ years on a menial job that offers a pension incapable of financially sustaining you, NOR were you intended to grow an annuity/401k in a piss poor economy & greed driven stock market!” Your Purpose Is Much Greater! It has to be right? Any trained monkey can work a job! 
This capitalist society that drives our mentalities; spending habits and lifestyles is poison! It’s utterly disrespectful to future generations to amass heaps of “stuff” (think material possessions) that have ZERO equity or value beyond materialism to will. 

We’re wholly selfish in our standards of living today. The generations to come will need heroes to aspire to live in the image of; or for whom to shape an image of themselves. 

Are you doing everything in your capacity for greatness, to give the masses a living blue print to follow? If not, I ask, “What Are You Waiting For?”