“New Year, New You!”

By: Qosmic Qadence


“Who started the tradition of making New Years Resolutions? AND, why is it not a big deal that people make them each year and seldom keep them?” Shouldn’t this be shunned or thought of as outrageous at this point?

Hmmm … How about this, if you want to Be Better, to Do Better, to BECOME the Best You POSSIBLE, why delay by restricting this to a certain time period?

Wanna lose weight or tone up? Do some ‘Push Aways’ from the table this holiday season and start a cardio routine at least. Don’t be mad this summer when you’re not beach ready, Let’s GO Now!

Want a better job? Choose a course of study, and use the Internet for more than just socializing. Begin brushing up on the course of study, in preparation to return to school.

Want a better relationship? Be a better mate! If you’re giving too much, then step away from that bad situation and love yourself more!

Start your ‘New Year New You Campaign’ Immediately! Being nonchalant in your approach to changing YOUR Life for the better has yielded what kind of results thus far?


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