“Elementary Watson”

by: Qosmic Qadence

Examine your motives if you will. If your ambition is to succeed in life just to piss people off, I’d go so far as to say, “Cut that shit out! Grow Up Already!”

I’d imagine such a scheme involving plans to use new found wealth and prosperity, to flaunt recent achievement of new status. This is a putrid cycle of moral indignation. One where status is sought & once obtained, converted into this false power which elevates people in their minds – above others.

Don’t victimize yourself. Instead, press forward with a positive mindset and directives for advancement. Whomever decided to pass up an opportunity to share in your triumphs of life, well, “God Bless ’em!”

Actually, we needed all of those people to help us find the perspective, to focus on accomplishing the mission. So, this means that you too have played this role in the advancement of others.

Bless your existence … mistakes, flaws & all.

Be Incredible!

*Author of, “The Book of Qos – Inspirational Words of Life”, he is avidly outspoken about the simplicity of life and how a more practical approach can yield benefits immeasurable. Visit his website to explore his work & this movement further.

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“Life Is For The Living!”


By: Qosmic Qadence (Author, Poet)

Suppose with me for a second that everything you’ve ever desired in life was obtained. Suppose every dream you ever dared to dream came to fruition. Suppose every fear you could possibly conceive was eradicated by the exact opposite, and worry was replaced with an abundance of bliss. I suppose if this were possible you’d be a cartoon sketched or fictitious character from the pages of someone else’s wildest imagining.

Life isn’t always perfect. We don’t always win. We aren’t always met with the most favorable circumstances in every situation. But that’s what makes life a beautiful experience in and of itself. “Life is a journey of realization, which often ends in that place where dreams never begin”.

We must allow ourselves the opportunity to grow through experiences. Otherwise, we’ll follow the pattern of an old fools perception, lamenting in future years of how life was too short. In actuality, if more time is spent enjoying the precious moments gifted – including taking the bitter with the sweet – we’ll find ourselves more fulfilled through gratefulness.

Don’t rob yourself of an amazing journey through life because you’re burdened with worrying about the uncontrollable; hoping for the not yet attained; supposing to achieve what will never occur without action; or waiting alas for the magic to happen.

Make the best of what you have. Time elapses second by second whether we acknowledge it or not. Thus, time worthwhile is best measured in those moments spent living.

Enjoy the moments!

Qosmic Qadence

*Author of a Self-Help Relationship book entitled, “Y’all Got The Game Fu#%ed Up” is avidly outspoken about Male/Female relationships & the missing dynamic that leads most to failure these days. Visit his website listed above to explore this movement.