Poetic Soul Sessions

‘Qosmic Qadence, LLC’ Presents:

“Poetic Soul Sessions” – The Ultimate Open Mic/Open Jam Experience

Join us for an ALL NEW mind blowing night of entertainment & community togetherness, EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT, from 7pm-11pm at ‘Highside Bar’ (9521 N 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85020), an elegantly curated Crash Bar. ‘

Poetic Soul Sessions™️’ is an eclectic and collaborative music; verse & vocal experience, where artists come together to blend harmonious vibrations of artistic expression, over LIVE Music. Trust us, “This is no ordinary Open Mic!” Welcoming ALL Poets; Singers & Emcees with pre-written or freestyle verses to participate in the magic.

There is no set House Band. That means, Musicians of ALL kinds are likewise welcome to bring their own instruments, or play those provided by other participants therein. The groove performed to throughout will be one created by those musicians at the helm of their respective instrument in that moment. The goal is to dynamically create a magical sound that artists can creatively vibe with & to.

There’s literally NO Sign Up List. Those vocally or lyrically inclined, when so inspired, will take to the mic with their gifts offering in a free flowing improvisational manner, ‘Soul Sessions’. Goal here being, to simply create the most masterful artistic environment out of thin air. In addition to the display of individual talent, anticipate both lyrical and singing cyphers to shape the experience throughout.

ALL Attendees will be expected to get involved as well. How exactly? Glad you asked. You will also help contribute to the energy by singing along to background vocals on Artist command – in a call and response fashion – to assist the perpetual flow of creativity.

There will be a cash bar where craft and other beers are served, in addition to custom cocktails. Food will be available for purchase as well.

Trust us, this will be the absolute most spiritually enlightening experience you’ll ever attend. Don’t just take our word for it. Come Partake In The Magic With Us!

$8 advances tickets are available via the ‘Bravo Pay’ app, by searching for ‘Poetic Soul Sessions’ #PoeticSoulSessions #PoeticSoulEvent

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*Tickets for the event are as follows:

•$8 via ‘BRAVO Pay’ app

(Download free app from iTunes or Google Play)


•$10 CASH/$12 Debit or Credit


*Grab those Pre-Sale tickets now! Here’s how:

1) Download the FREE ‘Bravo Pay’ (Google Play or iTunes)

2) Create an account to ‘Pay’

3) Go to the search tab and type

“Poetic Soul Sessions”

4) Choose dollar amount for desired amount of tickets.


NOTE: There is a NO REFUND Policy,

due to the limited availability of tickets.

Upon purchase your space is guaranteed.

Please use discretion prior to purchasing your ticket(s),

and assure that you are available join us.