“Self-Respect Goes A Long Way!”

By: Qosmic Qadence

If it takes you 5 seconds to determine whether you’d have Sex with me, then “I’ll Pass”. Otherwise, I’d perhaps pass away, from whatever you’re so quick to pass out. No thanks!

*Soap Box Moment*
A tad annoyed by this perception that it’s cool to Act on Impulses of Lust solely, while expecting a “Forevership” to dynamically develop.

Yes I’m Well Aware That ‘Forevership’ Isn’t An Actual Word! It’s more of a noble concept to consider for practical purposes of building towards & solidifying a foundation.

Breaking the patterns of destructive behavior will sustain your life. Though, if living for the moment is more important than living long term, then who am I to stand in your way? If You Don’t Respect Yourself, Why Should Anyone Else?


“Don’t Give Up!”

By: Qosmic Qadence

The place where you are in life at this very moment is a part of DESTINY! The plans are in motion, though a lot of times people get lost within the process, because they don’t understand that you MUST weather the storm. When it’s over the sun going to shine brighter on your life than you could have ever imagined!


You’re immensely gifted and your life is on the RIGHT track! It’s not always comfortable and things don’t always work the way we want them to, but that’s Life!

If things were contrary to this, you’d be a genie and your life would amount to nothing more than a bunch of wishes that you made come true in a blink. There’s no way that you’d appreciate nor be satisfied with any of those unearned results.

Tough times prepare you to be responsible with & appreciative to your blessings when they do come. Be weary, it’s human to be sometimes.

But Don’t You Dare Give Up!

“Are You Ready?”

By: Qosmic Qadence

Today’s the 1st day of the REST of your Life! Might as well get off to the absolute best start possible, right? Are you ready?

Complaining only slows progress … worrying about things BEYOND your control is futile! Are you ready?

Being laser FOCUSED on doing ‘ALL You Can’ to assure your Ultimate Success is PARAMOUNT!!! When it’s all said and done, your BEST Effort is all you could EVER have given. Are you ready?

As if robbing yourself of Greatness isn’t HORRIBLE enough! To STEAL from the world a Gift Rich, Talent Infected, Unparalled Manifestation of Brilliance is CRIMINAL! Life doesn’t OWE you anything, though you OWE it to life to make yours COUNT! Are You Ready?

“Open Letter To Self”

(By: Qosmic Qadence)

Dear Self,

I realize that you’re full of all these dreams, hopes, desires, goals, imaginings, ideas, ambitions, plans, wishes etc. But, quite frankly, I haven’t the time to fullfil them all.

I mean really, have you checked your list lately???? It’s full of all kinds of stuff that I’m afraid just won’t work! Or worse, that’ll cause people to talk about us and think we’re crazy!!! We can’t have that now, can we? Of course not! Especially because we really care about the opinions that others form and carry of us.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll devote more time to these silly ideas you keep crafting. There’s simply not enough time in the day between work, taking care of home, social networking, watching TV, playing games, talking on the phone, gossiping, watching videos, catching up on the latest celebrity news and fashion trends etc. Seriously, who can find the time for anything else?

Well, hopefully you understand that we’re just going to have to put your foolishness on the back burner until we get some of the more important things mentioned off of our plate. I mean, what’s the hurry anyway? *smile*

You’re really awesome, I truly mean that! However, the extra effort to make those dreams, hopes, desires, ambitions, plans & wishes come to fruition, I am simply not willing to give! It’s not really worth it right now. *shrug* Maybe sometime soon though. You understand that right?

Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll work on us, I promise!!!!!! I love you!

Unfortunately Yours Forever!
Your Lazy Unbelief