“Mold It & Shape It”

By: Qosmic Qadence

There are no such things as “coincidences” or “happenstance occurrences” as far as I’m concerned. Everything that we encounter in our day to day lives is a direct reflection, or culmination of occurrences that resulted from the decisions we’ve made along the way. 

I challenge you to examine your life, from where you’ve been to where you presently are. There’s a pattern that each of us lives. 
🗝Some are victims of dangerous levels of complacency which lead to mundane existence & a sense of being incomplete. 

🗝Some suffer from a certain zeal toward impulsion, that disallows satisfaction with anything in particular. And thus, they change with the tide. 

🗝Some are victimized by going with the flow, living the joyous good, all the while lamenting the not so good. 
Unfortunately, unless we’re actively shaping our everyday and consciously steering its course, the road is murky in any direction we charter. 

The great news is that regardless of how today played out, tomorrow is set to unfold based on what you put into this one. 

 What kind of life are you making of your tomorrows? It’s not too late for a better tomorrow, to mold & shape. You can do ANYTHING! Lets Grow!


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