“Checked Mate” (Warning: Erotica! Mature Content; Parental Discretion Advised)

By: Qosmic Qadence

Ordinarily hearing the order spoken would bring delight. Especially crossing the threshold of seductively full lips, always seemingly soaked and wet from the contents of some slender tube. A voice cotton soft with a fiery undertone, that which confirms her words are to be taken seriously. Generally twice a year this routine is followed thru, each time more uncomfortable than the last for some reason.

“Take off your clothes, put on the gown and have a seat. I’ll be with you shortly”, spills from her mouth in a southern drawl. Obliging the command, clothes are removed and the gown exposing my backside is slipped into. I sit atop the checkup table covered in that annoying crumpling paper, and in that instant realize how frigid the room temperature is.

Whenever in the doctor’s office I find myself reminiscing about childhood visits, staring at those anatomy pictures and charts that line the walls & nervously twiddling my thumbs. It had been well over a year since my last check up, due to neglect and a busy work load. At 33, the picture of health, I didn’t think it necessary to visit semi-annually, it was just something I had gotten use to doing. Mom was really big on making sure that we took care of ourselves growing up, so it carried over into adulthood, until recently at least.

In preparation for a trip to Miami a few weeks away, I’d sustained a groin strain or something or another which brought about slight discomfort. Chalk it up to those drastic attempts to be sexy for the beach.

This was the true reason for today’s visit, needed to get back into the gym free of irritation in the slightest. Surely Dr. Kirksey would advise on the necessary steps to remedy the discomfort.

Entering the room with chart in hand scribbling thereon, she walks over to a nearby counter, back facing me. Dr. Kirksey was very pretty, bright white teeth, medium build, about 5’9″, shoulder length hair and mocha chocolate skin. Her hair was pinned up in a style I’d never seen before, leaving a hint of a tatoo showing on the back of her neck. “She gotta wild side? Go ‘head Dr.K! Wit’cho snooty ass.”, I thought to myself and couldn’t help but chuckle a bit.

Hearing my amusement she turned to look and offered, “Sorry! Give me just a moment”, to which I replied, “Take your time, I’m off today!”. Turning back to her paperwork I notice the back of her white coat poking out a bit. I began to visually size her up, as never before had the occasion been found. She was naked in what seemed to be a blink, ass cheeks jiggling slightly with each stroke of her pen and page turned. Losing out to fantasy in this mental mind play, I was erect in no time.

It frightened me so I tried frantically to calm myself down, before she unsuspectingly turned to notice the tent pitched with gown and pole. By the time she turns, a sigh of relief is breathed as the swelling has moreorless subsided from visible embarrassment. Closed mouth grins are exchanged and professionally the doctor/patient song and dance ensues.

Vital signs having been taken and blood pressure checked, I sit upright holding a thermometer under my tongue as deep breaths are breathed – stethoscope on varying spots of chest & back.

Asked to lie back she begins probing in the abdominal region and the mere feel of fingertips causes my penis to throb and twitch. The additional ab exercises would serve me well; as I clinched assuring she’d feel the ripples. “Try to relax for me”, she says with a tone that didn’t convey the least bit of amusement. Closing my eyes, the power of self control is willed from mind over matter, intent to keep from being aroused. “Does it hurt here? What about here? Or here?”, answered with resounding, “No’s”.

Opening my eyes I could see a hint of cleavage from the low lying neck line of her scrubs. Inhaling deeply, eyes are returned to closed position – this wasn’t good! “What in the hell is wrong with me today?”, thought as lips are licked and mind is settled. “Sit up for me please?”, shatters the silence & upright in posture I return. “Is there anything I should know about?”, Dr. Kirksey asks looking directly into my eyes expressionless. Unsure of what to say as obviously my mind was full of sinful lust, I open my mouth but nothing comes out. Gesturing through circular motions with her hands the phrase, “Spill it!”, follows.

Finally managing to mention the groin discomfort, I stand in front of the table to be examined. “Raise the gown and show me exactly where the discomfort is felt”, she orders, while lowering herself onto a stool. I swallow hard and oblige, raising the curtain on a penis in bloom, despite desires of prevention. Pointing to the area in question, less than inches away from dick and ball sack, she reaches out to examine by touch.

Self-control out of the window, flag pole begins to raise and instantly apologies drip from my mouth. “Happens all the time, just relax”, she offers, continuing clinical evaluation. The reality of a woman that close to my semi-erect penis was alluring to say the least. Unable to stop, it grows hard enough to split open, every stitch of skin painfully tightened. Eyes averted upward with an astonishing glare, she pushes her stool back, stands and heads for the door.

She pulls the door open slightly and looks out, closes it back while standing to face it for a few moments. Alas, door locked she turns around, letting down her hair and removing coat from slender shoulders. Taking the stethoscope from her neck, she starts back toward me where not a solitary muscle has been moved. Her eyes affixed to my throbbing rock hardness – biting of her bottom lip becomes almost like silent confirmation of my longing desire. She reaches out, clutching a fist full of my gown & seamlessly removes it. “Ah! So this is why these things tie in the back” I utter with a sinister grin.

Sitting her firm scrub covered ass back onto the stool, reaching out with strokes and a grin, she inserts the head into her hot mouth. That entry was heated beyond 98 degrees, and the moisture accompanying access was both soothing and lava like. Complimentary strokes and suction inviting, my dick melted within her mouth like helpless chocolate in the summer heat. Carrying on like a candy starved youth, hands and mouth were filled with my savory treat. Reaching down into the neckline of her scrub top, pillowy soft breasts were caressed. Pleasantly surprised, she wasn’t wearing a bra, thus unimpeded her melons were fondled as the head game she played so well continued.

Standing up to meet me, our eyes lock and lips follow. Tongue twirls and saliva swapping, this kiss was immensely passionate. Lifting her top off, I start in on her perky chocolate breasts. She moaned while rubbing the back of my neck & head, that spot famous for driving me over the edge, as licking & massaging of her breasts went on non-stop.

Pushing the stool between my legs, I slowly lower myself down to sit – along the way performing tongue tricks on her upper to middle region. By the time I’m seated my hands are caressing her ass, eyes leveled with her wet pussy, now visibly leaking moisture through her scrub bottoms. My mouth waters as deep breaths of her essence fill my nostrils. Smelling good enough to eat, her bottoms are removed and finally her treasure is revealed.

Parting her lips with both fingers, the pearl winks and my tongue greets it with flickers and soft long licks. Two hands latched onto my head she pulls me face first into her grinding hips with twin gyrations mirror matching tongue thrills. My hands full of sex cushion, her ass cheeks are parted and asshole is teasingly toyed with. Responding in kind, her pussy begins to gush with moisture and she groans in approval – body tremors underway. Her pussy I continually lap away at until she pulls back.

Lowering herself onto my lap, bodies separated by a rock hard penis and her mountains of sex appeal, she licks from my face the residue of lust deposited. Entirely turned on I groan, “I’m boutta fuck the shit out’chu Doc!”. She giggles playfully grabbing the back of my neck and whispers, “Shhhhh…”, before planting her supple lips back onto mine. Simultaneously her pelvis is raised and she slides down onto my pole like a skilled fire fighter on call.

Her pussy even warmer than her mouth, sends shock waves of passion through body, mind & soul. We lock eyes as she glides efficiently up, down, up, down, up, down … pausing momentarily to kiss me deeply before resuming. I cradle her ass in my hands from underneath, legs rested securely on my forearms controlling the flow of penis to vagina insertion. Dripping wet, her juices springing from abysmal depths, pour profusely down upon me.

Rising from this position and turning to show off her firm ass, she slaps the right cheek, and bends over exposing that pink core of ecstasy. Tonguing her cheeks precisely, rubbing them along the way, they’re parted and her pussy is eaten greedily from behind. We’re in a semi-standing 69, as she dines on my pole & I on her tasty twat.

With both hands, her cheeks are slapped and she takes this as a signal to be seated. On the throne of my swollen manhood she takes her rightful place. Royal each stroke, her hands on my knees, back arched her hungry snatch swallows with precision. I watch mesmerized by the way her smooth cheeks open on each down stroke to welcome my penis deep within her wanting pocket of lust.

Snatching out completely, leaning forward with an altogether differing arch, she falls back onto the dick taking it into her anus. My eyes widen from excitement as her muscles therein firmly grip every inch of my hardness, massaging, gripping and releasing it with fervor.

I have to admit that I wasn’t anticipating anal sex, it was mind blowing to witness and feel. I began to meet her glides down stroke with approving upward thrusts. Before I knew it, we had worked ourselves into a pounding rhythm yielding sensations overwhelming.

Left hand full of left tit & right hand around her waist for control, our lustful encounter was in high gear. Standing up the desire is to punish that sweet ass from behind, so the stool is slid into position for balance. With both hands securely in place, the grind and slide resumes.

My hand in the small of her back, blow after blow is methodically delivered … balls deep, crashing against the core of her flesh. Both hands around her waist, ass cheeks are watched jiggle and clap whether moving back or forward.

With cumm rising fast, the anticipation of release gives me chills and I begin to shake uncontrollably. I explode into her bowels with an aftershock that would shake the entire west coast – immeasurable by richter scale or human thought. Tears stream from my eyes, in a release so perfect, that I swear the harps are playing and angels sing.

Door knob shaking, keys jingling – the door slowly begins to open. Sweaty & spent we haven’t the energy left to cover ourselves.

Checked up and checking out …

Qosmic Qadence © 2014


4 thoughts on ““Checked Mate” (Warning: Erotica! Mature Content; Parental Discretion Advised)

  1. Got me smiling reaching for a newport like I just finished putting in some work! Damn Damn Damn! Loved It.

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