“Iced Tea” (WARNING: Erotica! Mature Content; Parental Discretion Advised)

By: Qosmic Qadence

Entirely too hot to move!!! Breathing seems to cause me to sweat more! 96 degrees at 10am, and temps are rising steadily, triple digits on their way without question. Just my luck to have a busted central air unit at the peak of summer.

Laying on the bed in boxers with the ceiling fan overhead circulating the devils breath perpetually, I’m mad that I’m hot and hot because I’m mad! This is slow torture as sweat is no longer beading, instead just streaming from my pours … my body is literally crying for conditioned air.

‘Quicks AC & Heating Repair’ has been sending a technician my way for 2 days now, according to the dispatcher. They will never have to worry about a shining endorsement from my mouth. This ‘Heat Wave’ has all but shut down most non-critical activity in and around the city. Heat Advisory warnings and rising temps have gotten our attention the last few weeks.

I needed to run some errands & tie up some loose ends here and there today, but fuck it! Wait! Frustration is making me sweat … *thinking* “I’m an Eskimo! I’m an Eskimo!”. Not working, hell, “I’m a polar bear?” Dammit, it’s HOT! “I’m in HELL!”, I blurt out!

My tantrum is interrupted by a knock at the door. I rise from the bed saturated with perspiration. This has to be the repair man, it had better be the repair man! Tossing on a pair of basketball shorts, I consider putting on a shirt, but decide against it & head for the door. Sweat is running a marathon down my body.

My wish had been granted, help had finally arrived! To my surprise it wasn’t a repair man, but a Repair Woman standing at the door instead, tool box in hand. “Mr. Simms? Quicks AC sent me over.” I stood there for a second taking in this peculiar attraction. “Oh! Come on in”, I stammer finally. At once showing her to the basement & the AC Unit out back.

Having gawked enough, I figure it a good idea to go up & shower in cold water for the 2nd time today. Who am I kidding? I figured I might have a shot at getting lucky and didn’t want to be salty or musky smelling. Presumptuous as can be, I proceed to shower, get out and dress in another pair of shorts – sans boxers this time – and a wife beater.

Before heading down to the basement, I’m struck by a brilliant idea. Wouldn’t it be an awesome gesture of kindness to take her a refreshing glass of iced tea? I’ll add plenty of ice cubes too, not to water it down, but to leave reason to have to refill it often. Game on!!!

Hook line and sinker, she accepts the beverage and it’s replenished a number of times. Small talk is engaged in and we speak about nothing in particular, though the charm is turned up full blast. I’m informed that wires within the closet must’ve been gnawed on by some sort of critter & await patiently as they’re repaired.

I’m seated in a chair directly across from the closet door admiring the view. From the waistline of her pants, a pair of red thong panties are displayed. Plumber butt never looked more appealing I think & then chuckle somewhat loudly. She remarks, “Staring at my ass, huh?”. To which I reply, “With both eyes, haven’t blinked once! I swear!”. “Figured as much. Typical!”, her retort. We both laugh and she begins to wiggle it a bit and says, “May as well make it worth your while, huh?”. Licking my lips and mesmerized, her ass is eyed like a hawk.

Alas the sound I’d been waiting to hear fills the room – the air comes on! Darting to the overhead vent in the nearest corner I let out a sinister laugh, “Hahaha, I’ve missed you so much sweetness! Thanks for returning to me!”. Faintly her voice is heard in the background, though specific words spoken cannot be recalled.

Excitedly I turn, rush over & in celebration lift her up off of the floor in a cheerful embrace. She never utters a word, her arms wrapped around my neck, mine around her slim waist. Her feet dangling from the floor are lowered after a few seconds and we stand in silence, her hand on my chest, the other grappling the drawstrings of the shorts worn.

Stiffness is beginning as her body is pulled closer to mine than flesh. At first the scent of this rose I inhale deep into my nostrils, until the desire to taste her sweat is given into. She let’s out the softest moan & begins to pelvic grind, all the while running her fingertips and nails through the back of my hair.

Her lips supple are glared upon before my head is lowered and ours meet. In no time our tongues begin a dance familiar, though experience one with the other was brand new. They seemed to blend and glide one over the other with precision of skilled ballroom dancers. Diving back in, the sweat from her neck is devoured, a taste refreshing.

We make our way over to the sectional couch, clothes falling like leaves along the way. She sits down, eye level with my hardened member, strokes it a few times & inserts the tip into her mouth. Tongue twirls round and round, suction and this sloppy sound – as though a thirsty animal was drinking water – accompanied feverish strokes of my dick. Deep into her throat and then spanked on her tongue & lips, she was serious about giving pleasure.

Pulled up by her arms into standing position – her red thong is lowered to the floor, as she steps out of them right leg after left. Delivering a passionate kiss, she’s then pushed back down onto the couch. I grab her with both hands behind the knees just above the calves & pull her closer. “My turn!”, I exclaim.

Before eating her out, my desire is to look at the ‘Treasure Chest’ and the pearl contained therein. She begins caressing her breasts sensually, as I expose that dripping wetness to the air. Massaging her clit with my thumb, she moans and squirms while caressing & pulling her nipples.

Licks are delivered to her inner thigh on both sides, close enough to her box to smell the essence, though tongue pleasure’s withheld. “Why are you teasing me?”, she questions through a moan. Chuckling I respond, “Patience luv, I got’chu!”.

From her knee down, tongue strokes are delivered and finally that soaking wet pussy is tasted. I don’t part her lips with my fingers, instead I enjoy finding that pearl with my tongue. Inserting one finger and then two, exploring that pussy like Columbus I probe upon territory chartered before, though claim it as my own. ‘Cummerica!’ Like vicegrips her pussy clinches tightly the two probing fingers, and her clit is continually teased with flicker after flicker of my tongue.

A stroke of genius washes over me, as I recall the full glass of ice which contained her iced tea. Returning with the glass, I take a full cube into my mouth, bite it in half transfering it to hers with a kiss. I crush 3 cubes of ice in my mouth, making it as cold as possible. Taking another full cube into my mouth, I began to eat her pussy. “Oh my God!”, she cries out! Her naural reaction is to squirm & withdraw. If possible to exit through the back of the couch, she would’ve done just that.

The melting piece of ice is placed directly on her clit and she nearly rips my ears from my head. I continue to finger her pulsating hole and alternate tongue pleasure and soft suction. The cube almost half melted by this time is slipped into her pussy with my tongue. She cries out, “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!”.

Repeating the process of ice in mouth, her legs are pushed back as far as I can get them. This time her pussy is eaten and salad tossed equally, ice insertion reserved for her asshole. “You nasty muthafucker! Damn!!!”, she says through near convulsive shakes of her body. She begins to cumm in explosive waves, letting out the loudest moans & screaches ever heard.

Standing up and letting loose cocky laughter, I marvel as she lays there on the couch recovering from orgasmic bliss. When her bearings are straight she stands and pushes me back onto the couch remarking, “The same things that make you laugh, will make you cry!”. Lowering herself onto my dick she begins a graceful glide up and down, round and round. Her hole gushes with wetness that makes my pole slide in & out effortlessly. Looking into my eyes a smirk grows across her face and she belts, “I’mma make you cumm all over the place!”. My eyes are closed and I allow her to ride me to ecstasy.

Placing her feet into standing position on the couch cushions, hands gripping the back of the couch on both sides of my head, she throws her pussy down swallowing my manhood with great force. Stroke after punishing stroke we moan and groan together, sweat pouring from our bodies like tears from heaven. My ab muscles clinch tightly, my balls stiffen, ears warm & through trembling I explode as though a geyser! Like a jockey she rides this stallion to the finish – standing above me she had the last laugh.

“That’ll be $298.57 Mr. Simms”, she says. “For the fuck or the repair?”, I question playfully. “But of course the repair! The fuck was Free, and by the way, thanks for the Iced Tea!”.

The End …

Muwie Lipford-Qawwee © 2014


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